How Your Loved One with Dementia Can Enjoy Summer Activities

Hot weather can create challenges for loved ones with dementia across the country, particularly when it comes to doing summer activities. When caring for someone you love in the warm weather, it’s important that they are supported by their family members, so that they don’t get any heat-related illnesses.  

If your family requires support when it comes to doing summer activities for your loved one, our dementia care service will ensure that they can continue to do the activities they love in the hot weather. A trained dementia carer will make sure they not only stay hydrated but get dressed and cared for in the comfort of their own home.  

We have put together some tips for your loved one with dementia, so that they can continue to enjoy the activities they love over the summer.  

Choose the Right Clothing for Hot Weather 

Having plenty of clothing suitable for hot weather for an older family member with dementia is essential. Ensure they are comfortable by choosing loose-fitting clothes made from lightweight and breathable fabrics, such as cotton and other natural fibres. Light colours that reflect the sunlight will also prevent them from getting too hot while enjoying summer activities, such as an afternoon picnic at a local park or a walk at a nature reserve. 

Have Plenty of Fluids Available for Them to Drink

It can be easy to forget to give your loved one plenty of fluids. Make sure they have plenty of fluids available to drink with them during any physical summer activities you do, whether that’s gardening, visiting the local park or going to an outdoor concert. 

Having a large bottle of water at home is also important so that they have easy access to drinking water when they need it. Adding signs that make it clear for them to find and drink water can be incredibly helpful, particularly if they forget to drink during the day. 

Find Areas to Stay in the Shade While Outdoors 

Any outdoor summer activities that you do with your loved one, it’s worth finding any cool areas in a park or festival venue that they’re protected from the hot weather.  

It can be easy for someone with dementia to get ill if they’ve been outside in the sun for too long. Not going out at the hottest times of the day (11am to 3pm), as well as having a bottle of sunscreen are important things to have when enjoying a hot summer’s day with them.  

However, if they are outside all-day, then locating areas with plenty of shade or air conditioning is important to ensure they don’t get sunstroke or dehydrated. 

How Can Sova Healthcare Help Your Loved One with Dementia Enjoy Summer Activities

Don’t let dementia and hot weather let your loved one from enjoying any activities they enjoy during the summer. By taking the precautions into account, it means that they can enjoy picnics in the park, gardening and many other outdoor hobbies in the sun safely. 

Wherever you are based in England, we’ll make sure that each client receives the best possible healthcare service they get. Whether you are based in Bradford, Halifax, Leicester to Birmingham, Harrogate and Redbridge, our staff is on hand to ensure you get the best possible care. 

When it comes to finding the right healthcare for you or your loved one, let our experts make finding the right service for you easier. You can contact one of our regional teams who are based around the country today. 

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