Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you want it to. When you first contact us we will arrange for a member of the team to come and visit you and discuss and assess your individual situation and needs. Together with you and your family we will produce your personalised support plan. It will be tailored to suit your lifestyle, preferences and abilities, so we need to ensure that you are completely happy with the plan. We also like to take this opportunity to answer any questions or deal with any worries or concerns you may have. Our team of staff is highly professional and very approachable, and we ensure that together we will find the perfect support plan to suit you. From then on we can begin providing you with these services.

Sometimes we find that after producing the support plan and going to practice, people’s needs are slightly more or less complex then originally thought. We are flexible with what we do and fit our services around you, so if at any time your needs or preferences change, this can be modified and updated on your support plan. If for instance you have asked for help with household chores, but then find you can do some of it yourself, this can then be altered to what suits you better. Similarly, if at first you are capable of doing certain tasks on your own, but then a few months down the line begin to struggle with anything, we can then add services to your support plan.

At Sova Healthcare we pride ourselves in offering an extensive variety of different care and support, and we do our utmost to meet our clients’ needs. Often we will work directly with other healthcare professionals to ensure each and every one of our clients is getting the right care they need. If you feel you require support that hasn’t been outlined on our website, or you feel that your needs are too complex to be covered by one of our support plans, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will see what we can do for you. The care we provide is very flexible and adaptable which allows us to support people with many different conditions. We will always strive to meet your needs, no matter what they are, so please enquire with one of our friendly staff on 0800 688 8866 or arrange a meeting with one of our carers.

Our prices vary depending on the type and amount of care you receive. For a quote on what your support plan would cost, please contact the Sova Healthcare Team.

You may be entitled to funding from social services. To find out if you are you can contact your local authority. Alternatively, you can contact us for more information and we can discuss your financial options with you, as well as directing you to funding organisations.

As long as you want. We realise that most illnesses and conditions are very difficult to plan around and predict the longevity of. We can just continue to provide you with the care you require for as long as you need it.

We can provide care for children and young adults of any age. Whether your child requires complex physical support, or just someone to visit them a couple of hours once a week, we can cover this for you, providing your child with the very best support. We will always take a child’s wishes into consideration, as well as their parents’, in order to offer them the right support plan. All of the services we provide are available for children and we have carers specifically experienced and trained to provide care for children. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

When assigning you one of our carers, we take great measures to make a good match, taking into consideration your age, interests, beliefs and personality. If for any reason you do not feel compatible with your carer, we can always modify the arrangement and find you somebody that you feel more comfortable with. We will always take the utmost care to respect your decisions and take you into consideration every step of the way.

We have a very strict and rigorous recruitment programme that complies with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Disclosed Barring Service (DBS). The reliability, competence and attitude of our staff are of paramount importance to us in order to maintain the high quality of the care we provide. Every single member of staff has been highly trained in their area and we undertake regular spot-checks and assessments to ensure this high quality is continually upheld. For more information on this please see our Quality Assurance page.

We often provide support for clients after a spell in hospital and many of them have never received any care before. We understand that the prospect of being cared for by a stranger can be a bit daunting, especially as you may still be recovering from the shock of the accident. We ensure that we provide our service in the most compassionate and sensitive manner and that the transition from hospital back to your home is as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our staff are all kind, warm and very friendly and they will help ease you into the care routine, considering your wishes and preferences along the way. Your happiness and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us and we will always put you first. For more information please see our Hospital To Home service page.

We can provide two types of night care: waking night care and sleeping night care. Depending on your specific needs and situation, we will provide you with the right one to suit you. If you need to call on the carer more than two times during the night then the Waking support plan will be more suitable, but you are free to trial both of the services to help you make up your mind. If you are receiving night care, there is no obligation that you have a carer with you during the day as well, your personal support plan is designed around you and what you require from us. If you would like more information about night care please see our Night Care service page.

Certainly. We understand that living on your own can be lonely sometimes and many of us crave more social time in our everyday lives. At Sova Healthcare we provide a service called Social Companionship Care which can be added onto a support plan or just be received on its own. Even if you require no physical support, one of our carers can visit you as often as you like to provide you with some company. Together you can go on walks, take day-trips, visit your family and friends, or just stay at home and enjoy a nice coffee together. For more information on this service please see our Social Companionship service page.