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Overnight care for the elderly
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Night Care Home Services

Night Care can be provided to you at home

by Sova Healthcare, as we know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep.
Those of us who are more vulnerable will find that it is even more vital to get these daily hours of rest in order to make the most of the time spent awake. When faced with disability or illness such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia, a wakeful or restless night can lead to a compromised immune system and result in a need for further care during the day. At Sova Healthcare we encourage our clients to retain independence and to live their life to their fullest. This would not be a possibility if they were not comfortable and relaxed and able to have the sleep they require. We offer two types of overnight home care services: Waking Night Care and Sleeping Night Care.

Our services are always flexible as it is of paramount importance to us that you are happy with the support you receive. Therefore, your personal night support plan will be arranged completely around you and your particular situation. Either the Waking Night Care or the Sleeping Night Care can be added to a larger Domiciliary Home Care services support plan, and the roles your night carer takes on can be organised to suit your individual needs.

Night Care: Waking Services

Waking up during the night can be frightening and disorientating, which is why Sova Healthcare can provide you with Waking Night Care if you require frequent attention throughout the night. This involves an experienced and highly trained carer staying at home with you during the course of the night usually beginning their shift late evening and finishing midway through the morning. The exact times can be arranged to a time convenient to you and that you chose. Your carer would stay awake through the course of the night and be at hand for when you wake and require their assistance or care services. This service, alongside other

home care services

would be well suited if you require support at regular intervals, for instance to go to the toilet or to help you change position in bed. During the time you are sleeping, your carer would be free to deal with domestic tasks and house chores in your home such as cleaning, laundry and vacuuming. They could also prepare you a breakfast for when you wake or deal with medical preparations ready for the morning. We understand that having to deal with interrupted nights like this can be a strain on you and we will do our utmost to ensure your support is administered as smoothly as possible allowing you to get as much rest as you can and providing you with the best care services we possibly can.

Night Care: Sleeping Services

Night care can also include sleeping services if you do not require much care over the course of the night, but still feel rather uncomfortable or unsafe spending the night alone in your home. In this case, our Sleeping Night Care service may be more suited to you. Your carer would stay with you in your home throughout the night, sleeping in a nearby bedroom and providing you with help, reassurance and complementary

domiciliary care services

if you need them. Anxieties about feeling unsafe alone can lead to sleep deprivation and sometimes all you need is the knowledge that somebody is close at hand in order to put your mind at ease and be able to sleep soundly. You will have the option of calling on your carer up to two times a night with this night care support plan. If you find that you need their assistance more than this, then you can be upgraded to the Waking Night support plan where we can offer you more support and one-on-one time or chose one of our

live in care services

, we will provide you with more assistance. Our support plans are very flexible: if you find you have periods of greater night care requirements, followed by periods of lesser needs, we can work around you and alter the care you receive as and when you need it. All of your personal care requirements and wishes will be taken into account during our individualised needs assessment process.

Your nights will undoubtedly affect your days, and that is why receiving the right night care is essential to you being able to live your life fully, no matter your disability or condition. At Sova Healthcare your wellbeing is our top priority and main focus, which is why we understand the value of providing you the opportunity of a good night’s sleep every single night.
We aim to provide truly comprehensive night care services for the elderly and/or infirm. For more information, please contact us on 0800 688 8866 or email us on You can also download one of our detailed downloadable brochures for each one of our services, or simply come visit us at one of our Leicester or Bradford to discuss your requirements needs and further.

Night Care

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