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Latest report on 20th September 2019

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Domiciliary Care

At Sova Healthcare, domiciliary care services can provide you with both the physical and emotional support you may need when faced with disability or illness. We deal with our clients compassionately and with the utmost discretion, allowing you to feel comfortable and completely at ease at all times. As well as offering our full support to you, we also encourage and promote independence where possible, so that you are able to continue living a full and content life.

What is Domicilary Care?

Domiciliary care is when a carer or personal assistant offers personal visiting support at home, different to live-in care in which you receive ongoing support. Domiciliary care is on an ad-hoc basis, preferable for those who require general housekeeping visits, overnight support for when you need extra assistance or making meals for when somebody isn’t around.

Everyday tasks such as bathing and dressing come naturally to most, but can be a daily struggle for some. We provide comprehensive, compassionate nursing care at home, aiding you with tasks that may have become painful or difficult. We aim to make your day-to-day life easier and less stressful. We believe that everybody should be able to live as painlessly as possible, without undue stress or worry.

What Personal Care Services Do We Offer?

The personal care services that we offer include: bedroom mobility, dressing, bathing, medical administration, household tasks, eating and mealtimes, companionship and continence care. Here is an overview of what we can include in your personal support plan:

Bedroom Mobility

Our carers can assist you in the mornings and evenings with getting in and out of your bed at times to suit you and your personal lifestyle. We ensure that you feel comfortable and safe, and can have a peaceful night’s sleep.


If you have difficulties getting dressed and undressed, our carers are able to assist you. We are aware that you may have trouble moving into certain positions and we can provide a gentle and patient service, helping you do these daily tasks.


Our carers are able to assist you with getting in and out of the bath or shower and also can aid you with any help you may need with washing, cleaning and drying yourself. Our personal care service is always gentle and discreet; we take every care in maintaining your dignity with intimate support such as this, ensuring that you are always comfortable and at ease. If you are able to perform these tasks yourself but nevertheless would like somebody there just in case, we can sit with you whilst you bathe and lend a hand if you have any trouble. We encourage your independence but understand that you may still have concerns; everybody has different needs and we work out a support plan to suit you.

Medical Administration

Your health is of utmost importance to us and if you require help remembering, taking and managing medication, our staff can be there to help. For more complex medical requirements one of our registered nurses will administer the medication. A full assessment will be carried out to ensure you have the right medication service to suit your needs.

Household Tasks

Maintaining a household can be a daunting prospect. Your home is personal and special to you and should be the place where you feel most safe, relaxed and comfortable. However, being unable to keep on top of the chores can mean it becomes a stressful and unhealthy environment. Our personal care service is here to help you maintain your home as it should be by aiding you with tasks such as cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, washing up and laundry. If you are able to do some of these tasks yourself, our staff can be with you to assist where needed or just to provide support.

Eating and Meal Times

Our staff also provide services to help you prepare and eat healthy nutritious meals. We can assist you with your weekly food shopping, cook and prepare your meals for you or with you, help you with eating, and support you with managing a healthy lifestyle. The personal assistance we offer takes into account your individual preferences, and we are always keen to suggest and introduce new foods and recipes into your diet. Again, as with all of our services, we encourage your independence, and if cooking is something you enjoy and would like to take control of, we can be there to assist and reassure you.


Mobility issues can sometimes hinder your ability to visit friends and family. We can assist you with this and make sure you see them as often as you would like. All our staff are all very friendly and chatty and are also happy to just stay with you to keep you company if this is desired.

Continence Care

Sova Healthcare can provide you with continence care as part of your personal support plan. Our staff are highly trained to be discreet and maintain your dignity at all times during intimate and personal tasks such as helping you get to and from the toilet, changing incontinence pads and catheter bags, and helping you keep clean, hygienic and comfortable.
For more information about receiving nursing care at home, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 688 8866 or Alternatively we have downloadable brochures for each of our services available on our website.

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