Home Care & Social Companionship for the Elderly

At Sova Healthcare we know what a huge difference social companionship for the elderly can make to their daily lives.

What Are Our Elderly Companionship Care Services?

Whether it’s a friendly chat over coffee or going on a leisurely walk with somebody you get along well with, we all need a bit of company to make us feel happy and fulfilled. With our Social Companionship Service we can provide live-in, home care and friendship as well as assist you to live your life as independently as possible in your own home.

You may find that as you’ve got older it has become increasingly difficult to stay in touch with old friends, or you may have trouble forming relationships with people due to disability. If this is the case, our Companionship for the Elderly service is here to help. Our home care companionship carers are always friendly, chatty and enthusiastic. They are keen to assist you with visiting friends and meeting new people, as well as trying out new hobbies and activities, allowing you to live the life you want to live.

What Our Companionship Care Services Include?

Whether all you want is a carer to pay you a short visit once a day to check in and provide some social companionship or someone to go out on day trips with, or to keep you company 24 hours a day, we have the right support plan for you.

Here is an overview of the services we can offer you as part of our social companionship care services:

Our home care companionship carers can spend as much time with you as you would like them to. You may like to go out for day trips to the cinema, museum, or swimming pool, or you may like to be outdoors going for walks or visiting parks and nature reserves. You may prefer to stay at home and enjoy a nice lunch or game of cards. Whatever your personality or preferences, these activities are much more fun and rewarding when you have company, and that is what our carers can provide you with. With our years’ experience we understand the value of social companionship for the elderly and the importance of helping someone feel completely at ease. It can provide you with extra confidence as well as improve your overall happiness. that you are having a peaceful night’s sleep.

We understand that as you get older it is the little things that escape your memory first. Therefore, as well as being there for you to provide home care companionship services, our carer’s also provide friendship and reassurance, so we can assist you with your regular routine.. This could include helping you to remember medication, doctor and dentist appointments and also when your favourite TV programme is about to begin!

You may find keeping regular contact with family has become difficult for you. Also age or mobility issues can sometimes hinder your ability to visit people. Our home care companionship service can assist you with this and make sure you see your loved ones as often as you like. We also can help you remember important dates such as birthdays of family and friends, and can accompany you to social gatherings that you may feel are a bit overwhelming or are uncertain about going alone to. We can also act as moral support providing you with the confidence you may need to meet new people. We can accompany you to book clubs, bingo nights, the local pub quiz; places where you can widen your circle of friends whilst trying out new hobbies. If you have a disability that means you find it difficult to communicate with and understand other people, our carers can provide expert support to enable you to form lasting and valuable relationships with others.

Whatever you decide to do with your day, your social companionship carer can be there with you to support you. They will help you organise travel and transport as well as helping you make a packed lunch and taking everything you need with you. If you are planning a day trip with your family, your carer can come along for extra support allowing you and your family to relax and make the most of the day, safe in the knowledge that you are being looked after.

Our carers can also help you out with household chores. We understand that your home is a very personal and special place, and if keeping on top of the housework has become challenging for you, we can help you with tasks such as cleaning, washing up, vacuuming and laundry. We can help take a load off your mind and allow you to relax in a clean, tidy and healthy atmosphere. Our home care companionship carers can either do these household tasks for you or just assist you with them, this is completely up to you. Our support plans are always personalised to each individual so the amount of help and support you receive is entirely your choice.

Why Choose Sova Healthcare As A Home Care Campionship Provider

Sova Healthcare is widely recognised as one of the top domiciliary care agencies in the UK. With branches in LeicesterBradfordHarrogateBirmingham, and Redbridge, we have continued to expand our health and social care services, to help those suffering from complex illnesses or learning disabilities live a comfortable life.

All of our home care services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and run by registered managers who ensure our domiciliary care meets and exceeds the required standards.