Palliative Care at Home

Palliative care services and end of life care at home are among the personal and domiciliary care services provided by Sova Healthcare to adults and children of all ages who have been diagnosed with life-threatening or terminal illnesses. 

What is Palliative Care at Home?

The main aim of our palliative at home is to provide you with an established care network to ensure you receive the best quality of life possible through this difficult time. Palliative care at home demands more sensitivity than any of our other home care services which is why all of our staff members and personal carers are highly trained and prepared to be well-equipped. Our end of life care at home team is experienced in delivering the most professional, respectful and comforting care that will help ease your pain and the pain of your loved ones throughout such an emotional time.

Whether you would prefer to spend your last days in a care home or in your own home is entirely up to you. Like all our services, our Palliative Care at Home services are tailored to suit your needs. We will take into consideration all of your preferences and choices, ensuring that your final days are spent in the most comfortable, familiar and unobtrusive manner possible.

You can receive Palliative at home care at any stage of your illness, and for however long you and your family need it, simply get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements further, or call us on 0800 688 8866.

What does Palliative Care mean?

Palliative care means improving the quality of life by supporting physical, emotional and practical care for an adult or child who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

What’s Included in our Palliative Care at Home Services?

As the illness progresses an increase in care and support may be needed, our experienced palliative carers see it as our responsibility to assist in making the most out of the time you still have with your loved ones. You should be able to appreciate the time spent with your family, safe in the knowledge that your needs are being seen to and that you won’t feel any unnecessary discomfort or pain. Your carer will provide you with the best physical care services according to your personal support plan whilst maintaining your dignity and seeing to it that your choices and wishes are realised.

We know that when dealing with terminally ill clients, an emergency response system must be put into place, as situations can sometimes change quite suddenly and your family and friends need to be easily reached during a delicate time. We will do our utmost for you to have your family around you when the time comes, making sure that everyone gets a chance to say goodbye.

Coming to terms with a life-threatening illness can be extremely tough and you may find yourself feeling shocked, overwhelmed, frightened, confused or helpless. Our staff can sensitively and caringly help you through this distressful time. We will be with you, caring for you and supporting you every step of the way, discussing your emotions to figure out how to best cope with them. Your Sova Healthcare carer will also be accompanying you to doctor’s appointments, helping you deal with good or bad news, advising you on how to inform your family and friends of your condition, whilst also providing you with a constant care and support network. We can also offer you professional palliative support counselling if you are having more serious difficulties in facing your condition, simply give us a call on 0800 688 8866 or email and we will arrange it for you.

It is also important for many of our terminally ill clients to have a plan in place. We understand that you need the to be assured that all of your affairs are in order, including dealing with financial and official concerns. We believe that such matters should not cause you unnecessary worry or stress, or divert you from spending valuable time with your family. Therefore our carers, who are highly experienced in palliative care matters, can assist you with such matters as part of your care support and services plan, allowing you to relax and make the most of the time still left.

Sova Healthcare also offer loss and bereavement support services to your loved ones whom may be struggling with the prospect of losing you and coping with your death once you have gone. They may not know how to best approach the subject of your condition with you as they are worried you seeing them upset will affect you. Once again, we make it our mission to be there to support them whilst also helping them reconnect with you. After you have gone, we can help and support them through the bereavement period, feelings of emotional distress, anxiety, or guilt being perfectly natural and normal following the loss of a loved one. Our palliative support and care services will help jointly work through this difficult time, to eventually make these feelings bearable.

Is Palliative Care end of life care?

Palliative care is available to those who require extra support due to being recently diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and end of life care although a form of palliative care is provided towards those who are at the end of their illness.

Choose Sova Healthcare as your Palliative Care at Home Service

Sova Healthcare is widely recognised as one of the top domiciliary care agencies in the UK. With branches in LeicesterBradfordHarrogate, Halifax, Birmingham, and Redbridge, we have continued to expand our health and social care services, to help those suffering from complex illnesses or learning disabilities live a comfortable life.

All of our home care services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and run by registered managers who ensure our domiciliary care meets and exceeds the required standards.