Home Care

At Sova Healthcare, we provide home care that is tailored to your lifestyle. Our home care services are specifically designed to deliver the type of care you require, including the physical and emotional support you may need.

Home Care Services

With an increasingly ageing population in the UK, our specialised home care services offer the highest standards of Alzheimer’s care and Dementia care services, alongside 7 other particular Home care services.

Home care and domiciliary care plans offered by Sova Healthcare are all individually tailored to correspond personally to every single one of our clients. Through our initial care assessment process, our highly trained home care specialists will evaluate your needs and discuss your personal requirements, expectations and preferences with you to accompany and support you in choosing the type of home care services that are most appropriate to your situation.

What Is Home Care?

Home care is for some who is in need of extra support, companionship and reassurance when living in their own home rather than a residential care home.

 Our team of dedicated home carer specialists will help you get out and about so you can pursue your hobbies and interest to help you live an independent life.


Domiciliary Home Care Services

Providing physical and emotional support to those with a disability or illness.  Our home carers will come to visit you in your own home, in order for you to continue enjoying your familiar surroundings, and will provide you with personal domiciliary care services you need and require to help and support you through challenging times.

Palliative Care Services

Providing sensitive end-of-life support to those suffering from terminal illnesses to accompany and reassure you through this difficult time whilst also looking after your loved ones, providing them with the emotional support they need.

Hospital to Home Care Services

One of our hospital to home carers will provide assistance following a discharge from hospital to those recuperating from injury or illness, to make the transition back to your home as safe, smooth and seamless as possible, making sure you have everything you need and require.

Live-In Home Care Services

Thousands of families across the country are using live-in home care as an alternative to a residential care home. Providing 24 hour care and one-to-one help to clients who wish to stay in their own home rather than move into a care facility, we can help you with daily routine tasks. Whether you require support for household tasks, personal hygiene or general assistance, Sova Healthcare can help you.

Night Care Services

Providing care during night hours to create a safe and comforting environment in which our clients feel more able to sleep. Whether you require support and company at night before you go to bed and fall asleep, or in the morning for when you wake up, Sova Healthcare can provide you with trained home carers to help you sleep peacefully.

Social Companionship Care Services

Providing a friendly and professionally trained healthcare companion to those who wish to have someone to talk to at home, to accompany them on days out, or support them during difficult times. You will develop a close compassionate relationship with our carers, and enjoy this new friendship.

Our home care services are available throughout the UK

Sova Healthcare is widely recognised as one of the top home care agencies in the UK. With branches in Leicester, Bradford, Harrogate, Birmingham, Halifax and Redbridge, we have continued to expand our health and social care services, to help those suffering from complex illnesses or learning disabilities live a comfortable life.