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Dementia Care - Home Care Services

Dementia is a cruel illness, we can potentially affect anyone, but particularly older people, requiring them to seek specialized care services, to help support and assist them in their everyday life.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is not a disease in itself, but instead refers to various brain disorders which have the similarity of affecting brain function, causing symptoms such as memory issues, disorientation, confusion and isolation hereby making it challenging for everyday task to be carried out.

Dementia encompasses over 100 different types of illnesses, one of the common being Alzheimer’s disease, which accounts for approximately ⅔ of all Dementia cases, and tends to have more specific symptoms.

Early stages of Dementia are most often hardest to diagnose as symptoms can only be very mild, this type of illness however progressing to eventually become considerably more severe and flagrant, at which point special care will have to be provided to sufferers to support them throughout their everyday routine and tasks, as well as providing them with reassurance, comfort and companionship.

Dementia being an illness prone to ageing, most cases are developed by elderly people, risks of suffering from Dementia increasing with age.
  • Symptoms of Dementia: How to recognise them?
    Being aware of symptoms of Dementia, could help diagnose the particular illness at an early stage, to then ensure the person affected by it receives the adequate care to make their everyday life more comfortable.

    Early symptoms could include the following:

    • Declining memory
    • Issues with language and communicating
    • Inability to perform regular everyday tasks
    • Disorientation and poor judgement of surroundings
    • Trouble concentrating
    • Short-term memory loss
    • Mood swings
    • Isolation and passiveness
  • Can Dementia be treated?
    There is no such thing as a specific cure for Dementia as to today, yet scientific research is making constant progress towards improving treatments available and hopefully one day finding a cure or preventive therapy.

    If diagnosed early, sufferers of Dementia can get the appropriate care to help support them, making it as easy as possible to live with this illness.

    As forms of Dementia vary depending on individuals, and the ways in which it affects sufferers being different for every single case as well, every treatment should be designed and delivered on an individual basis according to personal symptoms, needs and requirements, which is our main priority here at Sova Healthcare.

Caring for someone with Dementia

As with our Alzheimer's care services, we provide clients with day to day support, based on their own personal and individual needs and preferences, to ensure we provide the best care possible to every single one of our clients. Your home caring needs, preferences, and choices will be discussed during our home care assessment process, and your or your loved one’s home care support plan will be build and decided upon together, making sure you feel comfortable with it, and are happy about the frequency of our visits and the amount of support and assistance you shall receive.

Whether you or your loved one is experiencing an early stage of dementia or later symptoms, Sova Healthcare’s highly trained and compassionate carers will help you manage your illness and deal with the various ways in which it is affecting your everyday life and habits. What makes Sova Healthcare stand out from other domiciliary care service providers is that our carers will build a relationship with you, trying to understand you or your loved one to provide better care.

How to look after someone with Dementia?

Every single Dementia case is unique, as these conditions are affecting people in different ways. Yet, for the vast variety of cases, it is essential for the person suffering from Dementia to be offered sensitive, and compassionate support, as well as help towards remaining independent in order to preserve self-confidence.

Looking and caring after someone with Dementia also entails making sure their physical health and diet are carefully looked after. A healthy, and nutritious diet combined with regular exercise such as walking will not only also help preserve physical independence, but also participate towards fighting depression and improving life quality and expectancy.

Over the years, research have proven and strongly suggested that the following activities can help stimulate brain functions and comfort people affected by Dementia:
  • Asking simple questions to trigger memory and decision-making
  • Direct face to face communication and interaction to stimulate social, language and concentration skills
  • Regular encouragement, and acknowledgement of positive action will help preserve their self-confidence and therefore independence
  • Reminiscing memories and the past to engage long-term memory and happy life events and encourage interaction and discussion

How can we can help and support someone with Dementia?

At Sova Healthcare, we understand that when Dementia is affecting, memory, confidence and independence, the last thing you or your loved one might want is to have to experience the unknown surroundings of a care home. Hence, we strive to constantly improve, adapt and perfect our specialist care services to enable our clients to remain in their own house, within familiar surroundings, thus also helping them stimulate their memory, whilst also enhancing their confidence and independence. Indeed, there are several reasons why you might want to choose home care above care homes are:
  • Surroundings
  • Funding
  • Attention
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
All of these are thoroughly explained in our recent blog post about reasons to opt for home care services rather than a care home.

To further discuss your needs and personal requirements, don't hesitate to contact our Leicester or Bradford offices.
Alternatively, you can find out more by downloading a brochure of our Dementia care services. If you have any questions or for further information about our Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Services, email us on or call a member of our team for a friendly discussion on 0800 688 8866

Dementia Care

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