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Complex Care Services

At Sova Healthcare, we support people with all types of conditions and illnesses, some of which require complex care services. When faced with a long-term illness or a disorder for which you need constant complex care, you may feel like you are losing the freedom you used to have. You may be worried that, as the illness progresses, you will have to move into a care home.

At Sova Healthcare, our complex care services offer you an alternative. With our Complex Care support plan, we can provide you with expert one-on-one support in the comfort of your own home, whilst helping you retain your independence.

No matter your age or situation, whether you have had complex physical or learning difficulties from birth, or have acquired a serious degenerative condition, we have the right support plan for you. We pride ourselves in providing completely flexible complex care support, (whether that be our learning disability care or other services), that is personalised and entirely fitted around your needs.

Specialist care services for complex conditions

Acquiring a complex condition such as Huntington’s disease, spinal cord injury or Alzheimer’s can be difficult to deal with not only for you but also your loved ones. While arranging for complex care services may seem like a very daunting prospect, we are here to help. Our fully qualified carers provide compassionate specialist care for complex conditions and have extensive experience in working with people with all kinds of disorders. After assessing the details of your condition and your specific needs, we can draw up a bespoke support plan and supply you with everything you need to lead the life you choose. As your illness progresses, we can also increase the amount of support you receive. We believe that being diagnosed with any illness should not affect your quality of life and we will do everything we can to keep you happy, healthy and safe at all times.

Arriving back home from the hospital

Sova Healthcare can help you arrange for complex care services before you arrive home from the hospital. After a life-changing accident, you may be suffering from mental trauma as well as a physical disability and we understand that it’s likely to be a very challenging time for you. We can help you with the organisational aspects by working with you to implement a complex support plan that is tailored to your needs. We will do everything we can to ensure the process from hospital to home is seamless and help you adjust to your new life. We will assist you every step of the way to ensure you overcome any problems or issues that may arise, allowing you to relax, knowing that you are safe in the hands of experienced professionals.

Physical and learning disability care

If you have physical or learning difficulties, our complex care services allow us to take care of your mental health and social care needs. We support people of all ages with a wide variety of illnesses and disabilities including those suffering from complex physical and learning difficulties. Your satisfaction and happiness are of utmost importance to us and we will work closely with you and your family to ensure you get the support you need. Suffering from a long-term complex condition can be challenging and can cause your loved ones stress and anxiety. With our expertise and experience with complex cases of all sorts, we can deliver the right support to suit your clinical needs. If required, we can also work closely with other skilled healthcare professionals to supply the correct medical administration you require. At Sova Healthcare, we work hard to provide bespoke complex care that will maximize your quality of life. Providing this kind of physical and learning disability care in the comfort of your own home empowers you to have a choice and be in control, retaining as much independence as possible.

Respite care

If you have a personal carer or family member supporting you, we can also offer respite care for complex condition cases. This is to allow your carer a well-earned break so that they are fully rested and can continue doing their job to the best of their ability. How often you wish our carers to provide respite care is entirely up to you. We’ll create your respite care support plan around your individual needs and requirements.
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