Why Should You Book a Health Assessment?

With the end of the year fast approaching, making sure that you and your loved ones are healthy and well is essential. As you get older, the more likely it is that you will develop potential health issues that may go undetected or miss out on vital healthcare arrangements. 

While it’s common for us to attend routine dental and eyesight check-ups, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of booking in regular health screenings. Attending health assessments can find and reduce the risk of you developing serious illnesses, while also improving your wellbeing and lifestyle. 

Discover more in this article around the reasons why you should book yourself a health assessment

What is a Health Assessment? 

A health assessment, also known as a health screening, is a type of health check, which uses a combination of medical and non-invasive tests to provide an overview of an individual’s health and wellbeing.  

Health assessments often focus on detecting and preventing possible illnesses. They also focus on identifying certain conditions that may run in your family, as well as any cancers or advanced health problems that may have not been discovered yet.  

It means that you can get diagnosed and find treatments for that issue rapidly and prevent the illness or condition from getting worse. 

What Does a Health Assessment Involve?

Our health assessment involves various tests and examinations, which are designed to provide an overview of your health and medical history.  

The tests and examinations within the screening will cover your BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol ratio and risk of developing diabetes. Once you’ve completed the various tests and exams, you’ll then receive a paper-based report of your test results from one of our healthcare professionals. Within the report, it’ll provide tips and expert advice on how you can live a healthy life. 

There is also the option for you to have a private health screening from the comfort of your own home. If you or a loved one already have a pre-existing health condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, then it’s important that you should take regular health checks to minimise the risk of these illnesses from developing. 

How Long Does a Health Assessment Take?

This depends on the type of health screening you are taking with us. If you decide to take a personalised assessment with us, it can take a couple of hours to complete. Our staff will ensure that you have a comprehensive and detailed report. It means that you can make the necessary changes that can benefit your health and wellbeing. 

Identify Health Risks Early 

Booking a health screening enables you to spot any acute or chronic conditions that may develop if gone undetected.  

Spotting certain types of cancers, such as lung, bowel and breast cancer can improve the chances of them being beaten through early detection. According to Cancer Research UK, around six in 10 people are able to survive lung cancer if it’s detected early. 

Having this type of assessment means that any possible diseases and conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease can be treated quickly. There is the opportunity to reverse the condition, meaning that they’ll be able to overcome that health condition or disease quickly.  

Boost Their Immunity

Regularly attending health screenings for you or a loved one means that you can continue to do the activities you love. Over time, your diet, nutrition, and lifestyle will improve, thus boosting your mental and physical health. 

Provide Advice and Guidance on How to Live a Healthy Life

No matter how young or old you are, our health assessments will make sure you have the right advice and guidance to make changes that will benefit your health and lifestyle. From increasing life expectancy to improving health and wellbeing, we’ll make sure that you have the advice and guidance you need to live an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Get a Health Assessment with Sova Healthcare Today

Booking regular health assessments is essential to improving yours or a loved one’s lifestyle, as well as enabling them to continue doing their regular, everyday activities. 

Whether you are based in Yorkshire, London, or the Midlands, we’ll provide a high-quality healthcare service that’s tailored around your requirements. Our team of professionals are on hand to ensure that you have the information you need to make positive changes to your health, lifestyle, and wellbeing. 

Take control of your health by booking a health assessment with us. You can contact one of our friendly regional teams, based across the country today. They will answer any questions you may have about how we do our assessments so that any potential health risks, such as heart disease, diabetes and much more. 

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