The Importance of Social Companionship

Although companionship may not seem important in terms of physical care, it plays an incredibly important part in mental well being. Having someone to talk to, and knowing that they are looking out for you, can make all the difference and give you a completely different outlook on life. At Sova we don’t just care for our customers, we care about them. We recognise the difference companionship can make to individuals, and through our range of personal care services, the care we provide is tailored to suit your needs, and provide a friend as well as a carer. We understand that everyone is different, and so when assigning carers we take into account your age, interests beliefs and personality in order to get the best match. We also know how important it is to feel independent and we will work with you to ensure that you maintain as much control over your life as you’re comfortable with. We know that mobility impairment can affect your ability to socialise, and so our services aren’t limited to simply spending time with your carer in your own home – you can also go out for day trips together and visit family and loved ones, safe in the knowledge that you will have a friend by your side throughout the journey. Our companionship assistance isn’t just restricted to those who require physical care, we also provide a social companionship service which provides company and emotional support to those who live alone. If you think you, or someone you love, could benefit from more companionship in their life, please get in touch with us today. Please don’t suffer in silence, a friend is closer than you think.

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