Sova: Domiciliary Care Specialists

Domiciliary care is essentially another name for home-care, and so it involves a wide range of care and support services given to individuals in the comfort of their own home. In fact, the word ‘domiciliary’ comes from the Latin word for home, ‘domus’; so even in its etymology the importance of the home is critical, and here at Sova we give that same focus to the home, and the importance it plays in our domiciliary care services.

You see at Sova, we believe that by obtaining and benefitting from our services our clients can avoid the dramatic – and often traumatic – ordeal of having to completely move home. As well as offering support, our clients benefit in terms of the boost remaining in your family home can bring – homes are made up of the very recollections we hold dear, so even if our health begins to fail us our memories can keep us strong!

We have a range of domiciliary care services that include: personal, palliative, hospital-to-home, live-in, night, dementia & Alzheimer’s, social companionship, and complex. We deliver all our care and support with the upmost compassion and professionalism, which helps to make the whole process a smooth and enjoyable one.

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