5 Dementia-Friendly Activities To Do With Your Loved One

If you are caring for a family member who has dementia, it can be challenging finding the right activities for them to participate in. However, there are plenty of dementia-friendly activities that you can do with your loved one.

When incorporating activities for someone with dementia, you need to take a few things into account. In particular, you need to remember their personality, as well as likes and dislikes prior to them being diagnosed with dementia. For example, if they enjoyed playing snakes and ladders, incorporate that as a regular activity for them.

It’s worth remembering that people living with dementia will have their own individual set of hobbies and interests. We’ve put together 5 dementia-friendly activities that you can incorporate into your loved one’s daily routine.

Listening to Music

Music is a cost-effective activity that you and your family member who is living with dementia can both enjoy. 

If you have a Spotify or Apple Music account, you could create a playlist that’s full of their favourite music to help them reminisce over past musical memories. For example, if they enjoy listening to Phil Collins or classical music, then you can make a playlist that’s catered to their music preferences.

It’s important that you observe the reactions of your loved one when you play the playlist to them. If there’s a piece of music that makes them uncomfortable, agitated or distressed, you can skip it over to the next song in the playlist. 

Going for a Walk

Walking is a free activity everyone can do. Not only does it provide a channel for social interaction, but also enables your loved one to get some regular exercise in.

When it comes to making walking a dementia-friendly activity for you and your family member, you have to factor in which stage of dementia they’re in. For example, if they are in the early stages of dementia, then you may decide to do between 10 and 20 minute walks, four or five times a week.

If they are in the later stages of dementia, then you should stay close to them to avoid them from falling or wandering off from you.

Playing Games 

Games are a good activity for your loved one with dementia to do. With there being so many  games to choose from, the flexibility of the medium means that they may want to play the game with you or on their own.

When playing games with an elderly family member with dementia, it’s worth choosing games that are visually striking and colourful. Snakes and ladders, bingo and dominoes are three great examples of games that are simple and accessible for someone with dementia.

If you find yourself being unable to care for your family member or relative, that’s where our specialist dementia care service can come in and help. No matter where you are based in England, a trained dementia carer can provide companionship and care for your loved one from the comfort of their own home. 

Create a Memory Box 

When it comes to excellent dementia-friendly activities to do with your older family member or relative, creating a memory box is an excellent activity to do. A memory box is essentially a time capsule that transports your loved one back in time.

If you want to create a personalised memory box, use an old shoe box and fill it with memorable items and photos from your loved one’s life. For example, if they used to work as an accountant, include a calculator, as well as awards, notepads and photographs to remind them of their former career.

Creating a memory box can be a creative activity for you and your loved one to participate in. However, you need to be careful about what items to include in the box, particularly items that are likely to cause injury to themselves.

Folding Towels 

Folding towels is a simple, but effective activity that can be done by anyone and is a great activity for someone living with dementia to do. If you have laundry that has been dried off, you can ask them to do the activity themselves.

By giving your family member or relative you are caring for a simple, but achievable activity, it gives them a sense of purpose and accomplishment. We recommend using hand towels as they can be easily folded, compared with larger bath towels. It’s important that your loved one feels good and engaged in the activity.

How Sova Healthcare’s Experienced Carers Can Participate In Dementia-Friendly Activities With Your Loved One 

There are many dementia-friendly activities that you can do, it’s all about finding the right activity for you and your loved one. It’s important that you are patient with them, as well as making any modifications to make the activity easier for them to do.

If your family member is currently living with dementia and needs someone to assist them in doing activities with them, that’s where our specialist dementia carers can help. From Birmingham and Leicester to Bradford and Redbridge, we’ll provide support for your loved one to continue doing the activities they enjoy.

Struggling to care for your older family member or relative? You can speak to one of our regional teams across England today. We’ll answer any questions you may have about our specialist dementia care service, as well as how we can assist in carrying out dementia-friendly activities for your loved one.

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