SneakPeek DNA Early Gender Blood Test

Wondering if your baby is a boy or girl?

Many parents are keen to find out the gender of their child quickly. It’s understandable as you want to get shopping around for clothes and room decorations. Sova Healthcare has partnered with SneakPeek to offer a DNA-based gender test service that can accurately determine your baby’s gender.


Find Out The Gender Of Your Baby Quickly

When it came to finding out an unborn child’s gender through a pregnant woman in the past, the only way this would be done would be through an ultrasound. As technology evolves, there are faster, more accurate ways of determining an unborn baby’s gender, which includes using gender blood tests.

Our SneakPeek early gender test service can determine the gender of your unborn baby, starting six weeks into pregnancy.


How does SneakPeek’s DNA Early Gender Tests Work?

SneakPeek’s DNA-based gender blood test works by using a process called non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). Non-invasive prenatal testing is a blood test that can tell the pregnant woman whether the unborn baby is a boy or girl while also screening if the baby has a higher chance of having Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome or Patau’s syndrome.

The early gender blood test uses a small sample of your blood to look for male Y chromosomes. If there are male Y chromosomes in the mother’s blood, then your unborn baby is a boy. However, if no chromosomes are found, then the baby is a girl. 

When it comes to twins, if male DNA is found in the mother’s blood, then both babies are boys. If no male DNA is found, then both babies are girls. For fraternal twins, if there is male DNA, then our test can confirm one baby is a boy but SneakPeek’s early gender test cannot find out if the second baby is a boy or a girl.

SneakPeek’s DNA-based blood test provides a 99.9% accuracy rate, six weeks into pregnancy and is trusted by over 500,000 mums and obstetricians.

Safe and Affordable Test Kits

Our Early Gender DNA Test Kits are safe and affordable, due to the NIPT method that we use to find out the gender of your unborn baby. From £129, you can quickly find out the gender of your little one is a boy or girl so you can start sharing the news with family and friends. 

Once you’ve taken the test, you can receive your result within three-to-four working days. If for whatever reason your test result does not match the gender of your newborn baby, you will receive a full refund. 


Find Out the Gender of Your Child With Our Early Gender DNA Test Service

SneakPeek’s early gender test can identify the baby’s gender months in advance. Whether you are based in Yorkshire, the Midlands or in London, we provide a quick, safe and affordable way of knowing your unborn baby’s gender.

Alongside our early gender blood test service, we offer a wide range of healthcare services for clients. From specialised home care services to more specialist care services, such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia care, Sova Healthcare strives to provide a compassionate and modern approach to healthcare that is tailored to each client’s lifestyle and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

While each person has their own DNA in their bloodstream, the bloodstream of a pregnant woman contains DNA of the unborn child. Early gender blood tests use a small sample of the woman’s blood to look for male chromosomes. If there is male Y chromosomes, then the unborn baby’s gender is a boy. However, if there are no male chromosomes in the mother’s blood, then the unborn baby’s gender is a girl.

Our early gender DNA test provides 99.9% accuracy when it comes to identifying the gender of your unborn child, six weeks into your pregnancy.

No, as it’s a DNA-based test, hormone disorders have no impact on the results.

Yes. The SneakPeek early gender DNA test is an non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT), making it safe for both the mother and baby.

Once you’ve taken the early gender blood test, you can expect to get your result within three-to-four working days.


**This is subject to delays.

At Sova Healthcare, we know your DNA information is personal. To protect your privacy:

  1. SneakPeek’s early gender DNA test only tests for the gender of the baby. No data is gathered around any health-related information or disease states.
  2. Once the test is run, your DNA sample is disposed of by a professional chemical management company, in compliance with federal standards.
  3. Your results are not shared with anyone else, other than the email address you provide.