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A good night's sleep is always important, but when we are not feeling our best, it becomes critical! It is for this reason that Sova Healthcare takes its overnight care services very seriously.

Whether you're faced with a disability, illness, or just general poor health, losing out on a good night's kip can compromise your immune system leaving you in a worse state of affairs again the next day. There is also the damaging effects on morale sleep deprivation can cause; a bad or disturbed night's rest can leave us feeling positively drained, and unable to cope with whatever the next day throws at us..
Thankfully there is a solution: Sova offers both waking night care and sleeping overnight care services. Depending on your particular circumstances, one of our Sova Healthcare professionals can spend the night in your home with you to help support you both physically and emotionally. Waking night care involves one of our staff being at your beck and call throughout the night, whereas sleeping night care would mean our carers would sleep themselves, but of course be ready and accessible should you need them - which ought to put your mind at rest in itself.
If you would like to learn more about our overnight care services please visit our website!