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A recent study by the Welsh older people’s Commissioner has brought to light some pressing matters of care-home malnourishment that have been reported nationwide. The study brought to attention some rather alarming details and incidents that supported some of Sova’s own views about the negligence that takes place in some of our country’s care-homes.

The report reviewed 100 care homes and after evaluating their results they deemed the whole situation ‘unacceptable’. In fact, the problem was so apparent that Commissioner Sarah Rochira demanded an increased emphasis on providing nutritionally balanced meals, and sufficient choice for the vulnerable in care.

Many of the homes reviewed were providing poor quality meals and little to no choice for their residents. One particular case reported that there was a gentleman who required a soft foods-only diet, and the only food he was given was mashed potato. In the afternoons many patient’s only food option was cold, dry sandwiches, leaving many care-home residents hungry and unfulfilled.


This news was particularly unsavoury to us here at Sova, as we know how important food can be to our clients, both for genuine nutrition, and for morale too. Our staff help clients to cook and prepare balanced, nutritional meals, as well going out and purchasing the food in the first place.

Even more shockingly, some trading standards officers found that certain care homes were offering just 800 calories worth of food to their residents a day – bearing in mind the recommended level is some 2,000 calories per day, this is more than a bit worrying! This kind of negligence would never occur with Sova home care, as our staff can help manage a diet or meal plan to ensure clients are kept healthy and well-fed.

The good thing about a study such as this is it brings to light failings in the care-home system which will now hopefully get address sharply! What reports like this also do however is highlight some of the negative aspects of sending your loved ones to a care home – of course not all care homes are guilty of these malpractices, but such incidents go unnoticed due to the short-staffed structure of many establishments.

If yourself or a loved one require that extra level of support or care, but you’d rather receive a professional service in the comfort of your own home, our personal care service is everything you’re looking for – and you needn’t ever worry about malnourishment.


We know all too well how the damaging effects of dementia can cause major distress to the sufferer and their loved ones. Receiving dementia care at home could be a worthwhile alternative to going into a care home, as not only we do offer compassionate and professional support, but having the opportunity to acquire dementia care at home could ease some of the symptoms.

The highly-experienced staff we employ can help dementia sufferers in a number of different ways depending on the seriousness of their condition, and whatever is agreed with yourself and your family. We can provide dementia care at home in several ways:

  • Assistance with day-to-day activities
  • Help with memory stimulation and refocusing
  • Remind you of certain daily tasks
  • Provide general care
  • Social companionship

We know dementia inside and out, and we also know the best ways to support sufferers in the comfort of their own home.

The amnesia-like effects of dementia can cause distress and even overwhelm sufferers, which is why dementia care at home can be so useful. Receiving day-to-day help in a more familiar environment can help sufferers concentrate on other aspects of their condition, and quite literally feel at home.

When faced with such a crippling condition, any possible improvements that can be made to ease suffering is surely worth it, and having Sova bring their care, support, and compassion to you is a great way to achieve this.

Domiciliary care is essentially another name for home-care, and so it involves a wide range of care and support services given to individuals in the comfort of their own home. In fact, the word ‘domiciliary’ comes from the Latin word for home, ‘domus’; so even in its etymology the importance of the home is critical, and here at Sova we give that same focus to the home, and the importance it plays in our domiciliary care services.

You see at Sova, we believe that by obtaining and benefitting from our services our clients can avoid the dramatic – and often traumatic – ordeal of having to completely move home. As well as offering support, our clients benefit in terms of the boost remaining in your family home can bring – homes are made up of the very recollections we hold dear, so even if our health begins to fail us our memories can keep us strong!

We have a range of domiciliary care services that include: personal, palliative, hospital-to-home, live-in, night, dementia & Alzheimer’s, social companionship, and complex. We deliver all our care and support with the upmost compassion and professionalism, which helps to make the whole process a smooth and enjoyable one.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services please come and visit our site now!

Although we don’t doubt that a nursing home has a place in the care world, there are many instances when live in care is preferable, and certainly more desirable. To help you understand why this is we have come up with 5 advantages that live in care has over living in a care home.

 personal care

One on One Care

The first and perhaps most obvious advantage to live in care is that the support and assistance is given on a one-to-one basis. This extra attention means the highest level of care can be administered, and a greater relationship between carer and patient can blossom.

Highest Level of Support

The structure of a care-home means that vital issues and instances may go unreported on the changeover, but with live in care they can provide around-the-clock support – which is of a great benefit to anyone needing a substantial amount of care.


On top of needing care, the thought of moving out of your family home adds an extra burden and stress on the situation – live in care means you can stay in the comfort of your own home while still benefitting from professional support.


Having care on a one-on-one to basis means that not only are you receiving more focused care-plans, but it also allows care-givers and clients to form closer bonds. This works for both parties as it provides companionship for those needing care, and friendship for those administering it.


Most providers of healthcare at home can tailor individual plans to meet the needs of that particular client, and the fact all of this is delivered on a one-to-one basis in familiar surroundings means there is complete flexibility to suit their personal needs.

It was all go for the Sova Healthcare team this August Bank Holiday. We were battling the elements and making the good people of Leicester aware of the many services available to them through Sova.

Leicester Mela

The Leicester Mela (which began life as the Belgrave Carnival) has now been running for over 30 years, and it brings together different cultures from a city packed with diversity, showcasing them throughout this annual event. Among all the live shows, music and events, it was a perfect opportunity for the Sova Healthcare team to speak with the members of the public and answer their questions about care services. During the day, we spoke with hundreds of people who were interested in care, and we were able to give advice, offer guidance, and provide helpful literature.

Sova at Leicester Mela

The event was a great success for Sova Healthcare, and it created more confidence among the public, who now know that a healthcare provider such as Sova is so well-equipped to meet their needs.

Sova answer an enquiry

We have already arranged to sponsor the event on a larger scale next year and build on this year's success.