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Good Care Month

July 2021 saw another month dedicated to shouting about all of the good work caregivers do on a daily basis. Raising the profile of the care sector is key and highlighting the good work that goes on behind the scenes is an important tool for making people aware that complex caring is a skill in high demand.

Good Care Month 2021 was all about celebrating the brilliant work carried out across the care sector and acts as a catalyst for attracting new people to the profession. Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HCPA) is campaigning for everyone in the care sector and aims to attract new staff by promoting the fantastic career opportunities and progression available to anyone who decides a career in complex care nursing is for them.


Safe Staircases for Elderly

Nick Acaster is Managing Director of Stair Rods Direct. Here, he shares his expertise on how you can make a staircase much safer to prevent your elderly relative from having a nasty trip or fall.

It's natural for elderly people to want to stay and be cared for in their own homes as they get older. Read more...

help a lost or confused stranger.

It's common to find people out in public who are asking for help perhaps for directions, or for change. It's almost a daily occurrence that a stranger will approach you or someone next to you on the street. While it is easy and often the case to ignore these people, especially if you have a busy schedule, you never know what their background could be.


Elderly parent refusing help

It’s hard to take when an elderly parent refuses help. You love your parents very much and you would do anything for them. For many years they look after you, even when you move out from the family home. No matter where you are in the world, your parents will always look out for you but there comes a time when the situation turns.


Elderly people in hot weather

We’re in the middle of a heatwave and the UK is enjoying some of the hottest weather we’ve ever experienced. From the sunbathing to the barbecues, this beautiful weather offers a lot of positives, but not everyone enjoys it. Whilst the hot weather is putting the majority of the UK in a great mood, the rising temperatures can lead to a long list of health problems, especially for the elderly.


Winter is a very difficult time for the elderly and their caregivers. In fact, it is during the Christmas holiday period that older people are most at risk of falling ill or having an accident, yet this is also a period during which they can be lonely due to reduced mobility, health conditions that preventing them from travelling, or having no direct relatives to turn to. 
Elderly loneliness at Christmas
This is why it's important to ensure that you pay particular attention to the elderly during this holiday period, whether you are a caregiver, a family member, or simply a friend.
Elderly care
Elderly care can be very challenging, the line between adequate care, attentive support and independence being very thin and sometimes delicate. When caring for the elderly, we can all do our bit to ensure that independence is being promoted. A recent article in the Guardian suggested that few in the UK feel older people have a good quality of life. According to Age UK, nearly 900,000 older people now have unmet needs for social care. With the proportion of older people in the country due to rise from 23% to 28% and the number of those aged 85+ set to double by 2030, we have a joint responsibility as a population to promote quality of life for older people and ensure that we are avoiding negative stereotyping and casual ageism.